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Sorry folks this show was done fast because I’m running out of time. I have been called into work so I had to throw this up.  I might try and do a bonus show because I could go on for a a while about this topic.


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Story Time

Today is going to be a double update.  I have been called in to work a long weekend starting tonight, and lasting until Tuesday.   So My plans are changing just a little.  There will still be a regular recording of This Week in Spanking. On top of that, I will be publishing the pilot episode of story time.

I have found a wonderful young lady to narrate some of my short stories.  I do need some feedback from you guys.  Most of my work is told from the perspective of a male top and a female bottom.  Do you think it really matters whether the narrator is male or female?  I think I might try and record a couple of short stories myself just to see how they sound.

Either way your feedback will help me both develop new works of fiction and some not so fictional stories as well as point me in a direction.

Episode one: The First Episode

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This Podcast is not in Itunes or on Stitcher Just yet. I need to get more episodes out before this can happen.  Here is the first episode of This Week In Spanking.  The whole show is about 8 minuets in length.

As I move forward there will be more content and much more polished of a show.  I have a couple of people working on some intro audio and some spot audio.

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Pandora Blake Dreams of Spanking

pandora blake dreams of spanking

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Just Post Number 1

Hello and welcome to the first post of this new project.  I’m really beginning to think that I’m going crazy.   Why on earth would I decide to start another blogging project, let alone another project that also has a podcast attached to it.

As you can tell there is much work to be done.  But instead of making everything 100% perfect, I’m just going to throw it out there and hope for the best.  Over the next few weeks the site will change. I have a large project list of things that need to be done.

The primary focus of this Blog /Podcast will be to report on interesting things I find on the web that relate to spanking.  One week I might do a couple of websites reviews, and the next I might just talk about personal topics.

I’m going to try and do as much recording on the road this year as I can.  I will try to attend large spanking events and gather interviews from models and directors. I want to do an entire 360 degree view of the spanking community.