Blogging about spanking can be a fun, and even profitable hobby. This week I give some quick and easy advice about how to start and host your own spanking or adult blog.  If there is enough interest in this episode I might break out and do more or a little series.  This episode was created after I sat down and started to create ideas for a new adult business podcast I want to start.

No interview this week sorry :(

I’m still looking to fill some interview spots at Boardwalk Badness Weekend.

Amazing new site with great spanking content
Assume The Position Studios

My Host of choice

Naked Hosting


RTA Label info

ASACP info

Help moving from Blogger to WordPress

The Spanking Bloggers Network

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Cherry Red Report

Richard Windsor

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THIS WEEK IN SPANKING EPISODE 10: Playing with a pro

Great interview with the amazing Alex Reynolds! I love having her on a guest.  This girl has the ability to light up a room.   I hope you are able to book a session or enjoy some play with her at an upcoming event.

We were going to just talk about how to setup a session with a professional spanking model but we got a little off topic.  The show audio is a little rough, it was my first Skype recording.
Her Website Alex in Spanking Land
Twitter @Spankingland
Clip store Kitchen Sink Spanking