THIS WEEK IN SPANKING EPISODE 15: Talking with Pandora Blake

As some of you know, I was not able to sit down with Pandora for an interview at Boardwalk Badness weekend because we were both just so busy working and enjoying the weekend.   Friday we were both able to sit down and just talk. I did ask her a couple of the listener questions.  But after a while we just got to talking about the scene and sexuality and all sorts of topics.  I hope you enjoy listening

Pandora Blake
Twitter: @PandoraBlake

Dreams of Spanking
Website: Dreams of Spanking


Fetlife Read:


Not everyone that gets hit is looking to get dominated. Sometimes they are an adult that just wants to PLAY!

Another Story When he gets home part 2

I just received part two of When He Gets home.  I’m going to post it now.  I’m not sure when part three will be available but as soon as it is ready I will post it.

I hope you all enjoy my attempt at spanking erotica.

THIS WEEK IN SPANKING EPISODE 14: Spanking Erotica! Interview with James and Korey of Stormy night publications

SSNY Christmas Party dates are set December 5-7 , 2014

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Twitter Chat info for #sextalktuesday is Talking Erotica with guest moderator is  Rachel Kramer Bussel

The talk starts 4pm EST on Tuesday may 13th

Follow her on Twitter: raquelita
Sex Talk Tuesday Twitter: SexTalkTuesday

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Great interview this week!  I was able to sit down with James Johnson and Korey Mae Johnson from Stormy Night Publications.  This interview is packed full of information for those looking to take there erotic spanking writing to the next level.  Lots of great advice for those who want to start sharing there work as well.

Website: Stormy Night
Twitter: stormynightpubs
Twitter: KoreyMaeJohnson
Facebook: StormyNightPublications
Facebook: koreymaejohnson

THIS WEEK IN SPANKING EPISODE 13: Sitting down with CTPhotographer and friends at BBW

First interview of Boardwalk Badness Weekend. I was able to sit down with CTPhotographer. This interview was done in the bedroom of Dr Lecter and Ten’s room right after the Adult Speaking cruise.

It’s funny. It’s witty there is some inside scene humor and a little love for some one who could not make it out to join us.

I will post a party recap/Update show in the next day or so






Blogging about spanking can be a fun, and even profitable hobby. This week I give some quick and easy advice about how to start and host your own spanking or adult blog.  If there is enough interest in this episode I might break out and do more or a little series.  This episode was created after I sat down and started to create ideas for a new adult business podcast I want to start.

No interview this week sorry :(

I’m still looking to fill some interview spots at Boardwalk Badness Weekend.

Amazing new site with great spanking content
Assume The Position Studios

My Host of choice

Naked Hosting


RTA Label info

ASACP info

Help moving from Blogger to WordPress

The Spanking Bloggers Network

Great Blogs

Cherry Red Report

Richard Windsor

Spanking Blogg



THIS WEEK IN SPANKING EPISODE 10: Playing with a pro

Great interview with the amazing Alex Reynolds! I love having her on a guest.  This girl has the ability to light up a room.   I hope you are able to book a session or enjoy some play with her at an upcoming event.

We were going to just talk about how to setup a session with a professional spanking model but we got a little off topic.  The show audio is a little rough, it was my first Skype recording.
Her Website Alex in Spanking Land
Twitter @Spankingland
Clip store Kitchen Sink Spanking

THIS WEEK IN SPANKING EPISODE 9: Topping from the bottom

I have recorded and deleted this episode three times today.  I really wanted to produce an episode that was not me just ranting on and on.  I hope to talk more about Domestic Discipline next week.  I have a couple of Skype interviews setup this next week.  Boardwalk Badness Weekend is just around the corner and I cant wait!!!.

Check out Kitchen Sink Spanking

This Week In Spanking Episode 8: Support and interview with Cassandra Park


First Order of business is supporting the show. I have had a few e-mails come in from people asking how they can support the show. The answer is simple, Check out our support page and sign up for any of the sites listed. There are not many sites up yet, but I will be adding more over the next few days. If you are not able to sign up for a site then I suggest you check out the box at the very bottom. A simple click is more than enough to give up a huge helping hand.

I have been checking out and playing around on the new Shadow lane website, as well. I love it. I suggest you go and check it out. I loved ordering VHS and DVDs but having all of them at my fingertips is so much better.

shadow lane

This Episodes guest is the amazing Cassandra Park. The audio on this show is not great. There was a bad hum in the background of the hotel room that I had to remove. There was also a couple of sections that the audio was just too low, so I had to try and cut them. It still came out great I suggest checking out out any of her books. I have been a fan of her writing for some time. Check her out and show her some love

Twitter: CassandraPark

Website for BDSM Writers Con

Also the creator of The Market Place series was Laura Antoniou



This Week In Spanking Episode 7: Zebra spanks monkey (Or interview with John Osborne & Sarah Gregory.

Another amazing interview for all of you this week! After this, I have only one left from 50 Freaks. Then you all just get to listen me talk about spanking. Don’t worry this will only last until Boardwalk badness weekend.

This weeks interview was fun to do. The outfits these two were in mad it a little difficult not to giggle during the interview. John was dressed in a pair of zebra Pjs and Sarah was dressed in cute monkey pj’s that were half off her body.

Also you all need to check out Johns Profile on Fetlife!

More research needs to be done on Trouser Arousal

You can now listen to the show on Stitcher!

This weeks Show contacts

John Osborne
POV Spanking
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Sarah Gregory
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