Weekly Warmup Episode 1: Interview with David Pierson of Punished Brats

I would say well over five years ago I sat down and did a skype interview with a man I have respected and looked up to for many years.  This man is the force behind Punishedbrats.com.

This interview was created for my other site Spankingresource.com. It was published there for about a year before the server crash happened.  I found the two parts of the interview on an hold hard drive I thought I had lost.  So for your listening pleasure they are cleaned up a little and published again.


Punished Brats
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  1. Thanks so much for editing and sharing this interview. The models that David talked about definitely brought back some memories from those years (2007-2008). It was great to hear him talk about his company’s dedication to their work — they definitely always have and still do put a lot into each video they produce.

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